John Laing Development

2006: John Laing purchased the sites on Mare Island from master developer, Lennar Corporation. On Mare Island, John Laing built four-plex structures that are designed to blend with the historic architecture of the island – including the landscaping. Arranged in a horseshoe shape, each four-plex shares a common driveway, with each unit has an attached two-car garage. The three different floor plans are as follows: A 1,700-square-foot, single-level unit with three bedrooms and two baths; a 1,900-plus-square-foot walk-up flat with three bedrooms and two baths; and a 2,200-square-foot, two-story townhouse with four bedrooms and three baths, including a downstairs bedroom and bath.


1816: James Laing was born.

1848: James Laing, along with his wife Ann Graham, and some employees whom they had hired, built a house on a plot of land that they had bought for £30 in Cumberland, England. The £150 proceeds from the first house financed the building of the next two houses on the same plot of land.

1882: James Laing died.

1842: John Laing, the son – took over the running of the company. John began to undertake larger contracts but confined the business to the Carlisle area.

1879: John William Laing – John’s son – was born. John junior was working for the business before he was 20 years old. The business was named John Laing and Son.

1910: John William Laing was running the business.

1920: The firm became a limited company, and two years later moved its headquarters from Carlisle to a 13 acres (5.3 ha) – to Mill Hill in north-west London.

Second World War: During the Second World War, the company was one of the contractors engaged in building the Mulberry Harbour units.

1950: William Kirby Laing and John Maurice Laing – the fifth generation of the founding family – joined the company.

1953: John Laing & Sons (Holdings) Ltd was first listed on the London Stock Exchange. John William Laing became the chairman, and his sons became joint managing directors.

1957: John William Laing retired.

1964: The company acquired Holloway Brothers.

2006: John Laing purchased the sites on Mare Island from the master developer, Lennar Corporation.